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Some Membership Sites Where Diofant Membership Software works


   Membership Management solutions

    We have installed and customized about 1000 packages around the world. We have described some of these typical and interesting projects. Also we have classified all Membership Management solutions and well post them in our Knowledge Data Base soon.
    With Diofant software you are able to protect folders and files regardless of their content, create single Membership facility or create a several different protected areas and organize multilevel access control. Only registered members will be able to view or download protected files.
    Many of our customers use Aladin software during 4-5 years. We regularly make updates to improve software for them. Often we include their proposals in our development plans.
    I am very pleased because ALADIN is VERY reliable and easy to use and I did not want to change to another product.
    John Marsden (UK)
    Researching the MARSDEN surname worldwide Webmaster Webmaster    

   Member Area and Manual Member Registration

    Sometimes website owners prefer to register new members manually through Aladin Control Panel. In this case web sites may be paid or free of charge.

   Free and Paid Member Area

    Often website owners create free of charge Member Area on the first stage and then they create Paid Member Area. Software allows to upgrade member access at once after payment processing.

    Simple Member Area and automated Member Registration

    We advise to apply registration methods with user confirmation or admin approval. These methods allow avoid registration spam and to control new members registration.

   Samples of Customized Personal Data Forms

     We are able to customize registration form to your project requirements, include additional fields and translate into German, Dutch, Spanish, other languages...

   Other Special Project Requirements


   Members Importing from MySQL data base

    Welcome to the Elmira Country Club

   All fields required (Javascript)

   Canadian and US Members and Customized Forms

   Redirection to Personal Folders
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