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user authentication password protection membership management scripts 


With Diofants software, scripts you will be able:
    - easily protect directories applying one-click visual password protection technology;
    - create login area, member area, unlimited number protected areas within a minutes;
    - register and authenticate users;
    - manage user account and user access to the protected directories;
    - integrate scripts with web site and create membership facility within a minutes.
..ALADIN is great! The set up was very straightforward. It actually worked on the first try. ..It's very easy to password-protect a directory.. The file-tree graphic interface is really handy. The people at Diofant are great to work with.   Dags Chen Criminal Justice Institute, Inc, USA, Connecticut
  Programs consist of two parts:
    - web based administrative control panel with catalogue tree image (directories tree);
    - user area - forms and modules; via this area users interact with your web site.

  Web based administrative control panel automatically generates catalogue tree image for all your directories.

    Using only your web browser you will be able to perform all operations:
    - one-click visual password protection;
    - member(login) area creation;
    - multilevel access management;
    - user account management;
    - program settings modifying;
    - email messages customization;
    - activation/inactivation user access;
    - ...
  One click on the folder image - directory will be protected or access for user will be allowed/denied at once.

  Create Member Area on your website within a minutes - everybody, without any knowledge can do it

   Control panel with Directories tree image
There are a several registration scenarios that are supported by Diofants software:

  Simple registration with email notification. User is registered, gains access immediately and receives email notification with username-password.

  Registration with email address confirmation. User receives email notification with the link and suggestion to follow up registration. If user clicks the link, he is registered and email notification is sent with username-password.

  Registration with admin approval. Web site admin receives email notification with the links and suggestion to allow or deny user access. If admin clicks the link allow, user is registered and email notification is sent with username-password.

  Registration after payment notification. Aladin is integrated with PayPal IPN, PaySat. Program verifies payment notification, user ID, user data and then, user is registered with username and password to gain access to the protected paid information.

   You need include(integrate) Aladin forms in your web site (i.e., upload to your web host). Users will be registered applying this forms. Aladin registers new members and authenticate users, save user data, send and receive email notification.

   User registration form integrated into web site
 NAMP-Georgia, USA GA   
All diofant products have been created on the basis of Aladin software. Every following product in Aladin serial includes all features of the previous product plus some additional capabilities :

 UAM (ALADIN light)     AMAD (ALADIN silver)     ALADIN (Pro)

  Every following product allows to resolve the certain range of authentication, access and member management tasks for yours website.

  For example. If you need protect folders, website section, create login facility, to add new username-password, to update .htaccess-htpasswd files manually you need purchase UAM (ALADIN light).

  The following product AMAD (ALADIN silver) allows to create a different protected areas (Member Area, Premium Area or Member Personal Areas), multilevel access, to add fields to registration form.

  With the most advanced product  ALADIN (Pro) you’ll be able to create Free and Paid Member Areas. It includes Aladin-PayPal IPN (Instant Payment Notification) integration modules. This provides instant access to Paid Member Area at once after payment processing.

   Different registration methods and live websites
 USAPI, United States   
Diofant software is a simple to use, but full featured powerful solution. If you need protect directories, create membership facility quickly, without any experience, this is the best solution. You need just include registration form in your web site template. For the most customers diofant software accomplishes their tasks "out of the box".

Take a look at the some live examples ::

  Study Hall, US, www.studyhallusa.com  
  Manchester Genealogical Society, UK, http://www.mlfhs.org.uk  
  Truckfusion, D-87653 Eggenthal,   http://www.truckfusion.eu  
  Elmira Country Club, USA, NY, http://www.elmiracountryclub.com/html/home.html  
  MLMentors Network, USA,   http://www.mlmentors.net  
  The 700 Club , UK ,http://www.700clubeurope.com  
  Bozeman, MT, USA, http://www.bozemanaikido.com  
  Atomic Aquatics, Inc., USA, CA, http://www.atomicaquatics.com  
  Kidskemp, Australia, http://kidskemp.com.au  
  Jonchristos, US, http://www.jonchristos.com  
  KABANNI Lifestyle, UK, http://www.kabbanilifestyle.com  
  Infiniscale, Grenoblee, France, http://www.infiniscale.com  
  How Others Use Software :: More Details :: Demo ::  
..This product is perfect for my needs. Diofant team have come up with a great product and I thank them from the great work they have done. If you want a simple or stylish and sophisticated login system that gives you the power choose ALADIN. Thanks guys...
Anthony Roberts UK, www.arpictures.net
A wide range of access management tasks, solutions, live customers projects available
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Today you purchase program - today it works on your server 

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Our demo is executed as a training system. - It creates new experimantal directories and files for every new user. You may test all Diofant's software modes and features without restrictions on our web site at any time.
Products DIOFANT 
Advanced Login Area Designer-Integrator (ALADIN) combines the following tools - visual directories password protection regardless of their content, member area building; member registration, member management, total user access management; supports manual (administrative) and automated (online) regimes; contains registration, forgotten password and other forms.

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User Access Manager - is a web-based management tool for on-line password protection of folders and files of your web site. It allows organizing user access control to the protected web site content.

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