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  ALADIN is great! Especially for people (like myself) that aren't the most technical. The set up was very straightforward. It actually worked on the first try whereas with other password management systems.
   Once ALADIN is running, it's very easy to password-protect a directory and add user accounts. The file-tree graphic interface is really handy and a good way of managing password protected directories.
   Also, the people at Diofant are great to work with. Very helpful and responsive to your needs and questions.
   Dags Chen    Criminal Justice Institute, Inc       

   I have been searching for a very long time to find such a good frontend to manage my "security zones". Program have features, I've never seen in other scripts. Believe me, I have tested many scripts in PERL/PHP - for free/payment - and at the end I was very frustrated.  I think it is a great tool. Thanks to you and your support.
   Hans Kaden, Germany    http://www.escreva.de   

  We are quite satisfied with Aladin. I just created a new folder and secured it in less than 1 min so one of my associates can FTP the protptype of the broshure he is working on up for us to review. I'll be happy to give you a testimonial about the product's ease of use and powerful features.
   Edward Martino, PhD, Consultant & System Developer
   Solutions not Promises, USA, Arkansas       

  …building websites, but your software makes it very easy to apply security protocols on files and directories. Your software is working very well. Always remember to BELIEVE in yourself regardless of what other people say. Great things come from those who refuse to follow the crowd.
   Michael Riley, USA, Arizona    http://www.alliedsecurity.com   

  I just checked and it is working well. I'm a little confused. I looked at the configuration and the URL's don't match my site, what is the magic to setting it up if you don't need these.
   Conrad Patz       

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