Today you purchase the program - Today your users are registered on your web site to get access to the Member Area, Login Area...

    It is very easy to set up the program. It is necessary to fill out only one form with administrator username/password. However, frequently hosting providers impose the restrictions directed on increase of a server safety. It causes the necessity of the program adaptation under hosting provider software. Therefore, for this case, we shall keep both our and your time, if we shall install the program for you for very small payment.

     Integration into web site. ALADIN is a completed solution - after installing it will be working in cooperation with your web site immediately.
  If you want to apply your own registration form, you should use all variables which are used in registration form ALADIN. It is described in the documentation, or we can do it under your requirement. Also we'll adjust welcome page, successful registration page, etc. We can create email templates and set up email messages settings. Integration cost is about 40-50 USD. ALADIN will be completely integrated with your web site and will solve your access control problems, remaining invisible to your visitors.

    If you have suggestion to customize our program or you have own project we'll execute your ideas.  my suggestion::   
     We have installed about 200 packages around the world. We have accumulated a great experience in the decision of web site protection and user access management problems . Furthermore we are interested in expansion of the area of our programs applications through utilizing and adjusting diofant's basic software.

    So, we can resolve any problem what complex she was not for a small payment. We'll accomplish your project during a week with unlimited support and documentation.
     Take a look at live examples:
We're a national membership organization and needed a program to protect our member-only section that would recognize our ever-changing membership. Alex and the folks at Diofant customized the program exactly to our needs and the system works great. They installed the system for us and helped us out of a few jams that we created - all for a very reasonable price.
   Douglas Green, Director, MIS-Webmaster
   The Dramatists Guild of America, USA, NY,   

    Diofant programs have a wide range of applications. The simple problem of login-area construction can be resolved, but also more complex access control schemes can be created.  On the one hand you can combine on-line registration (sign up) and manual access control administration, and on the other hand you can turn off optional user data or email address confirmation functions.

 What problems resolve our clients! Find your task and send us inquiry::