overview   Protection, Member Area, Login in minutes!

      Program consists of two parts:
    - web based administrative control panel with catalogue tree image (directories tree);
    - users area- forms and modules, integrated into web site; via this area users interact with your web site. (?)   

     Web based administrative control panel automatically generates catalogue tree image (directories tree) for all your directories. (?)    Using only your web browser you will be able to perform all operations like password protection, multilevel access management, user account management, modifying program settings, customization email messages.

     Click on the folder image - directory will be protected or access will be allowed/denied at once. Create membership or login protected area, unlimited number of protected areas within minutes- everybody, without any knowledge can do it. Check one-click visual technology.  (?)   

     You need create one link to include(integrate) registration form in your web site. Users will be registered applying this form. Integrated with web site, Aladin will register members and authenticate users, collect user data, send and receive email notification (optional).

     Administrative control panel allows create email templates for all program events - user registering, user registration with confirmation etc... It allows send messages manually or automatically. Administator creates email templates on the basis of   template   models  (?)    via the control panel. Simply select, copy and save required template model. Email message may be updated via the control panel.

     Program supports a several user registration scenarios(methods) - user gets instant access; with email notification; with email confirmation - user or administrator must confirm registration. If proper email template is created, then corresponding method will work.  (?)   

     Automated backup solution will make data base more reliable. You don't need to worry about data safety and reliability, program automatically keeps backup copies. They can be restored easily through the control panel. You can view also registration history.

     No programming, no installation required, self-installing software. Diofant software is simple-to-use, full featured turn-key solution. If you need protect directories, create membership facility quickly, this is the best solution. Live custom projects integrated with ALADIN. (?)   

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