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<> You can purchase the license and independently install the program, or you can order installation. To order installation you need to fill out :
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<> One more term of service is an integration of the program with your web site. We'll carefully examine your problem and we can adapt the program for your web site. ALADIN will be completely integrated with your web site and will solve your access control problems, remaining invisible to your visitors.

   ...I am interested in using this software to delevop some web sites I thought with the isp licence I would at least be able to use it for at least 8-9 web sites.the reason I bought the programm is to be able to use it to manage access to the web sites I would be developing in the future. Thanks. James.

<> If you a programmer or web developer, who have many clients and will need multiple copies of ALADIN one for each client, you can purchase World Wide or ISP license (see ordering information). It gives you a discount of 35-55% for every copy.

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