Program have features, I've never seen in other scripts. Believe me, I have tested many scripts in PERL/PHP
I think it is a great tool. Thanks to you and your support.
   Hans Kaden    http://www.escreva.de

    No installation is required. The setup is very straightforward. ALADIN defines all program settings without assistance. You launch program, administrative control panel comes up. You click set up button - that's all. Program works. You'll see the directories tree graphical image of your root directory (catalogue tree image)

    Program supports two regimes: administrative (manual) and automated (online).
     Web site administrator uses control panel to protect directories, create protected areas, manage user access, register users (manually), change settings, create templates, send messages etc.
     For the case of automated regime program registers users automatically, authenticates users, changes user password, sends messages etc.
     You can utilize one out of regimes or both together.

    ALADIN is a completed solution. If you need automatically (or manually) register users to grant access to the protected area or directory, then you need utilize ALADINís registration form or your own one and program will accomplish this task.

    Administrative control panel provides graphical web interface. Using your web browser you will be able to perform all operations like password protection, user access control, user management etc.
    You always watch, what you are doing. Click the folder image, then set protection button - folder will be protected immediately.

    Only within a minutes you will be able to create login area, member area and prepare conditions to accept and authenticate new users. User will be registered using registration form, sign up for the login area.

    User registration form may include or not user details (personal data). So, personal data can be disabled (or not) thru the control panel

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