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   Marshall Kusumoto

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    The most important part of our new site is allowing members to automatically register their passwords Each member has a unique membership numbers assigned by our membership department when a person joins the org. The validation database - which is really just a table of acceptable membership numbers in our mysql. What we need is a password system that will check this table whenever someone attempts to log in or register for the protected area…
   Douglas Green, Director, MIS-Webmaster
   The Dramatists Guild of America, USA, NY,   

     I provide computer curriculum in the form of MS Office projects for students in grades K-12. At present our market is schools and computer labs. The projects consist of Resource Folders containing... I need to somehow manage access to these through directory protection (which I have through ALADIN).
   Robert Thrash III, USA, California,   

     Existing customer DB is queried to see if user is already a customer… If user is in our DB, email is sent to the site owner and a link to either grant access to the protected area or decline. If access is granted, email confirming that is sent to user and access is of course granted in the system. If not, an email is sent to user explaining… So basically the user would need to be an existing customer to get access, the site owner still would need to approve.
   Daniel Scheff, USA, Massachusetts,   

    I think you're product is a great one and I just want to make sure I am using it correctly. You see, the member-protected area for my site will be for consultants to place I would really like your program to blend in nicely with the site…
   Patricia Gale, USA, Wisconsin,   

    I'm interested in having you install this on our server asap. We are setting up some online backup routines for our clients and we needed some type of file access control. Your programs looked like a nice application.
   Jeff Stringer, USA, Washington,       

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