Make sure as easily to create protected Member area on your site

1. Applying control panel, protect directories, create protected Member area - login area (maybe other area name)

 Click the folder (right frame), then the Set protection button - directory or file will be protected instantly (red lock before the folder).    

Protect directory     file(s)   

2. Then you include registration form in your web site. You can adjust this form to web site design, enable (or not) user form with personal data:

Your users will be registered applying this form. Administrator also will be able register users applying control panel.  Notification and confirmaition emails can be enabled "on the fly". Try to register user (notification email message, form with user personal data are disabled for this demo).

Click the button to register new user

3. Registered users can log in protected area - login area. Program provides user authentication.

Apply registered user username/password to enter login area (diofant/diofant by default)
   Only registered users gain access to the protected area login area.

 Experimental login area entrance

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