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  • Diofant's web protection software and custom solutions help growing companies of various sizes protect their assets, save costs and improve user experience on their web sites. 24/7 online demo-training and support.
  • Diofant's software is a result of extensive research and system analysis. We provide our customers convenient, clearly visible, intuitive interface to their data. No programming skills, Self-installing software, 1-2-3 to lanch on your site.
  • We aim efforts on developing Authentication, web password protection, membership management software, scripts.
    Today you purchase software - today it works for your business! (The software is compatible with all webhosting solutions).
Hot!  Diofant announces Advanced Login Area Designer-Integrator - ALADIN.v2.5. Self-installation, no programming skills. New Marketing Strategy: one order - 2-3 products!  Discounts!
  I have been searching for a very long time to find such a good frontend to manage my "security zones".
  Program have features, I've never seen in other scripts. Believe me, I have tested many scripts in PERL/PHP - for free/payment - and at the end I was very frustrated.
  I think it is a great tool. Thanks to you and your support.
  Hans Kaden, http://www.escreva.de
  …Unfortunately many programmers follow the status quo and never even try to write new scripts.
  Your software is working very well. Always remember to BELIEVE in yourself regardless of what other people say. Great things come from those who refuse to follow the crowd.
  Michael Riley, USA, http://www.alliedsecurity.com/
User Access Manager
One Click Folders
Password Protection
Member Login in Minutes
Member Management
Automated Members Area Designer
One Click Visual Protection
Self-Installed Members Area,
Premium Area, other Areas
Multi level access
ALADIN Raiting & Reviews

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  Advanced Login Area Designer-Integrator (ALADIN)
Self-Installed Protected Areas
One Click Visual protection
Member & Access Management
Simple PayPal Integration
3 Simple steps to launch


Scripts Basic Features

  Self-installing software, no manual setup – launch and play
  No programming, no special knowledge is required
  Web-based administrative Control Panel with your website folders and files image
  Automated directories tree image generation on the Control Panel
  Visual, one click folders and files password protection
  Unlimited number of protected folders and files
  Easy, one click folders protection, Member Area construction within minutes

    [ Quick Demo 3Steps :: Go to Control Panel and click >Demo::]      

  Free and Paid Member Areas(Gold, Premium..) on one website at the same time
  Member Area, Premium Area, Paid Member, multilevel access support
  Members Personal Protected areas with login-redirection capability
  View, add, delete, modify member's data base via the Control Panel
  Standard forms to register new members (for US, UK, AU, Europe)
  Additional registration form fields capability available
  A number of registration methods: with email confirmation, with admin approval..
  Manual member registration trough the Control Panel
  Automated new member registration and granting access
  Registration with email address validation
  Registration with admin approval
  Automated email notification to new member and admin
  Email templates easy customization through the Control Panel
  Forgotten Password form and password retrieving
  Visual, one click user access control
  Members registration log and user network data
  Automated user data and system data backup
  Member registration history and system restoring from backup copies
  Reliable and secure Apache-based members authentication
  Export/Import user data base support

    Only for the Paid Membership ::

  Software integration with PayPal IPN(Instant Payment Notification)
  Users get paid through PayPal, get instant access, data are saved in Data Base
  Full website, PayPal integration and customization service

[ More Details :: ]     [ Samples How it's used in Custom Membership Sites:: ]  

Diofant Membership Software is your choice!

Today you purchase software - today it works for your business!

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